Architecture only remains when it is able to adapt and reinvent itself.

AMCA architecture is an architecture studio with a group of very young and multidisciplinary people who want to provide solutions, innovate, and recover the architectural and constructive sense.

As in many areas, architecture has had a massive growth in recent years, and it is difficult to distinguish the meaning of the word itself. We deeply believe in the essence of an architectural project, in what it is to do architecture, in trying to convey what really contributes to our lives and how important it is to develop a project with all those meanings.

How will a building coexist over the years, the crafts that we like to deposit and put back in value, how will it grow old, and what uses or people will live on it? There are many aspects think about it in order to understand that buildings, spaces, streets, parks, etc.. are part of our lives every day throughout our lives, with what we understand that as architects we must be consistent and responsible for all this.

We like to sensitize and transmit all the meaning of the word architecture, the people and also all our clients, must understand it very our work. We like to share this relationship in our studio in order to contribute in our ideas and concepts to the proposed projects.

Creative environment, motivation, demanding in our commitment, sensitivity for detail, are some of the characteristics that define us as a studio. All this together during the process of a project, establishing a warm and close relationship with our customers resulting in extraordinary satisfaction and motivation.